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Finally the perfect blogging platform for software engineers?


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For the past two years, this blog was a Vue3 pre-rendered application using highlight.js, headful, markdown-loader and service workers. I was obsessed with scoring as high as possible on Lighthouse... for my blog. We all go through stages... right?

The problem with file system article indexing is that you must check in an updated version of your blog every time you author a new article. The blog was hosted on and their build pipeline is very neat so overall not a big deal, but there's still a fair amount of friction there.

Before the above, I was writing on Medium, and before that I was hosting my own ASP.NET Razor Pages blog on Azure. Medium was good, but their monetization strategy is not to my liking. I also wanted to host using my own domain rather than writing "for" Medium.

After a bit of research, I decided on Hashnode. Their comparison to other platforms linked in the footer (when you're not logged in) is pretty spot on. It was between and hashnode and does not have custom domains... let alone with automated Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. Pretty sweet!

Thus, for now, I am here, on Hashnode! Hopefully, they work out the editor bugs soon. I know text editing in web browsers is as bad as working with dates, so I for now I can live with it.

Please look forward to a slew of new articles soon!

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